Orbitist uses multimedia production and data visualization to help people understand and explore the world. We're looking for a part-time data cruncher to help us harness client data on a contract basis. We are a young company and are looking for people that can grow with us.

We believe that data and digital storytelling go hand-in-hand and we're looking for someone to help us utilize open government and client data to tell compelling stories. In this position you'll serve as a bridge between our clients, producers, and developers to create data visualizations that communicate important information. You'll help our clients collect, manage and analyze their data and come up with strategies for implementing that data within the Orbitist platform to improve operational efficiency and communicate organizational impact.

Whether it's producing policy-changing investigative journalism or helping a land-bank make better decisions about the communities they serve, your work will be important.

Here's what the end products look like:

You'll fit in with our team if...

...you are obsessive about clean/well-formatted spreadsheets, are an analytical thinker, have a mathematical or statistical background, are self-motivated and able to complete tasks on-deadline with no supervision, are honest and able to speak candidly and critically about the team's output. 

It would be really cool if...

... you're familiar with modern data visualization frameworks and tools like D3.js and Carto. You'll spend a lot of time investigating the cutting edge tools that make data accessible online.

Just FYI:

Do you like to work at 2 a.m.? That's fine with us... we're primarily a virtual company and we believe in the freedom to work when and where you like (However, we do like to get together over coffee and/or beers on occasion).

How we'll pay you:

This is a contract position. We'll negotiate an hourly rate and work on a per-project basis.

Think you'd be a good fit? Get in touch with us below:

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